iiOT Network Engineering 

We exist to manufacture and support our automated Network Assessment, Discoveries  & Virtualization solution, LANAWARETM.

We compliment LANAWARETM with skilled Certified Engineering services to support our Partners and Customers.  We specialize in working within Industrial environments.


Need to better understand your Network?

We know that if the Network is not well understood, configured or performing, production is inherently effected. More times than not, these problems can be avoided by simply understanding the Network first, instead of scrambling to fix it as issues arise. LANAWARETM will help!

Want help with your Network?

We know that plenty of existing Plant Networks were built overtime and expanded as demand increased. You’d be surprised just how many Networks are built in this way. The by-product of this commonly leads to non-best practice, on-demand and “on the fly changes”, limited change control and in many cases, no documentation. 

LANAWARETM will help with this as well. More so, this is why we staff seasoned Network Engineers that understand the real-world plant demands and situations that you have to live with on a daily basis. The Network hardware and your existing investment, can be approached to better operate today with a phased approach to better it’s design and configuration to one that keeps you in production throughout.


Looking for assistance with Network Security? Video Security? 

We know that IT security needs are different than Plant security needs. The Operations floor is typically not challenged with “the Internet masses” however, the Plant Network does need appropriate security but it can’t get in the way of production.  A proper security assessment will quickly develop the right approach to applying the layers of the right security using proper DMZ, Segmentation (VLANS) and use of Firewalls along with purposed solutions that match your needs.

A LANAWARETM assessment, combined with our seasoned Network Engineers will provide a deep appreciation and skill set to designing and implementing the proper security approach. 


Need a Wireless Survey or coverage design?

We know that Wireless adoption within Plan operations is becoming crucial. Automated Vehicles, Cranes, SGV’s and the ever-increasing use of Hand Scanners, RFID tagging and Bluetooth enabled data collectors are of incredible importance to meeting today’s automation requirements.

If you do not have Wireless today, please do a proper industrial Wireless assessment before you do anything! If you do have wireless today and are looking to grow, expand or connect more people, sites, devices or locations, don’t just go buy more access points. It just doesn’t work like that. Let us help you properly adopt wireless and expand the security and coverage to meet your needs.


Looking for Network Cabling?

We know that your environment is always seeing moves, adds and changes. Driven by new Machines, Devices or People, most things within your environment must be wired and we don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. Proper Cabling, Cabinets, Patching, Terminations, Labelling and Load Testing of Fiber and/or Ethernet, is absolutely key to good network operations. As we say, you can spend 1m+ on a new machine. Remove the Ethernet cable and let us know how productive it is!   


Want help building your Cloud?

We know that adopting Public Internet based Cloud services is a rarity within the Plant. Although Cloud services are incredibly valuable, the security requirements to adopt these public services may be down the road or not within view.

This is exactly why we build purposed Private Cloud solutions. We offer the most practical valuable services including Backup as a Service, Virtualization as a Service, Cloud Engineering, Monitoring, Management and Notification management as a Private Cloud Service. Of course it’s secure! It’s your private Cloud!

Cisco Premier Partner                    CCIE, CCNP Certified Engineers

Cisco Authorized Solutions Partner  See LANAWARETM  within the Cisco Solutions Marketplace!

Cisco Express Collaboration Certified Voice/Video and Unified Engineering!

Certified Meraki Managed Services Partner with CMNA Engineers

Certified Ekahau Wireless Survey Engineering

Cisco Wireless Network Professional Engineering

What other’s are saying

Feedback and Testimonials

Partner Feedback

Completely Managed’s Engineering and LANAWARE are an incredible asset to JMP Solutions.  Both collectively assist us in successfully delivering Engineering and structured industrial network assessments, design and deployments to our customers. 

JMP Solutions is extremely proud to be partnered with Completely Managed.

Our strategic alliance allows us to deliver impeccable customer engineering.

Erik Jenner

Networking & Security Services Manager, JMP Solutions

Customer Feedback

With Completely Managed’s assessment, design and direction, we have a solid and secure network of PLC’s, CNCs, machinery,  IP Phones, Video, PCs and Servers.

LANAWARE scanned our network identifying devices, services and vulnerabilities, producing a detailed and understandable report right on the spot. Completely Managed was able to redesign our network and close the vulnerabilities.

Completely Managed is the company that we rely on to manage our technology assets and to keep them safe.

Brian Medinski

President & CEO, Accura Glass Bending Inc.

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