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“There are two types of companies:

those that have been hacked

and those who don’t know it.”

John T. Chambers

Threat Prevention Services

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Network challenges solved!

We know that plenty of existing Plant Networks were built overtime and expanded as demand increased. You’d be surprised just how many Networks are built in this way. The by-product of this commonly leads to non-best practice, on-demand and “on the fly changes”, limited change control and in many cases, no documentation.

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We know that your environment is always seeing moves, adds and changes. Driven by new Machines, Devices or People, most things within your environment must be wired and we don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. Proper Cabling, Cabinets, Patching, Terminations, Labelling.

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We know that if the Network is not well understood, configured or performing, production is inherently effected. More times than not, these problems can be avoided by simply understanding the Network first, instead of scrambling to fix it as issues arise. LANAWARE™ will help!

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