About Us

We provide full stack Network Wired, Wireless and Virtualization services.

We develop software to assess and monitor IT / OT ICS networks. 

In May 2014, we started by addressing a global partner configuration and provisioning challenge for Cisco Systems in San Jose. With our in house Data Centre, a team of Certified Network Engineers and a skilled staff of Software Developers, we brought the Cisco ecosystem a solution known as Config To Order (CTOP).  Right along side this, through innovative design we enabled Cisco and it's world-wide partner community with the Managed Xperience SmartKit service to better enable Labs and Customer facing demonstrations. As a service to Cisco, we developed, hosted, managed and supported Cisco and it's partners through to the new evolution of the customer Xperience!

With widened sight, we set focus to innovate the process of fundamentally understanding your network. Understanding It's design, security and overall performance. In doing so, our Software team began development of what is today, LANAWARE, while our Network Engineers began solving the common office IT Network challenges while executing our speciality in serving the Operational Technology (OT) Industrial Controls Networks that exist within Plant Floor and Industrial type settings.

Working with the leads of IT and OT our focus being; Manufactured Hardware and Software while providing the full range of Engineering Services.  From DevOps to Engineering, we lead with industry best practices and proven certified skills forming our LANAWARE Services Platform through to mitigating Network design and performance to cybersecurity readiness and proper adoption.

Proudly we provide services throughout North America and beyond however we call Canada’s Greater Toronto Area ‘home’ and we are located in Newmarket, Ontario.

We execute behind our many Partners and this model has earned us the recognition as;

The bench strength behind the brands

With proven reference we deliver the results that matter.  We are Completely Managed.

BUILT ON VISION, innovation and leadership

Truly committed and believing in my personal compass, I decided to take hold of my entrepreneurial spirit to begin a new journey. In doing so I made the bold decision to depart from the company that I truly loved most of all, Cisco Systems.

Please welcome Completely Managed.
                                                                           – Rod Scotland, Founder

Serving two decades with Cisco and finishing his career as Cisco Canada's Evangelist and Architecture Strategy Lead, Rod brings a unique and deep understanding with leadership to the Completely Managed team. His global relationships and impeccable reputation have been his calling card and key to the growth of Completely Managed.

Rod and his team have put Completely Managed on the map with invention of the Cisco Config To Order Portal (CTOP), the qForia Visual Configurator and the success of the Xperience SmartKits.

Now with Completely Managed, Rod and his Completely Managed Team are the true innovators and champion in the creation and development of the LANAWARE Services Platform

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