OT/ICS or IT Network security?

we do both

because they are different!

IT deals with information and devices, while OT deals with Information people safety and machines. More and more, we see efforts in converging the IT and OT approach including solutions. Traditionally, given the very differences of how technology applies to each, this is far easier said than done. IT including security solutions are typically designed to protect people's devices and corporate data, while OT security protects actual people, data and machines. CyberSecurity is top of mind within IT as it is in OT however, while physical security and access is part of the agenda within OT and should be. Both do require layers of protection against Cyber like activities however the approach and even the solutions (for good reasons including protocols) are especially different. Completely Managed specializes in both IT and OT/ICS Networking and Security and we respect the teh convergence in strategy however, the unique required approach and solutions that is required.

Completely Managed will work with your existing IT and/or OT Plant HMI, SCADA ICS environment, enabling the right elements of security and ongoing security maintenance.

 vulnerability assessment

LANAWARE is designed to quickly and effectively probe devices, servers or hosts for open ports. We verify security policies of networks and we identify network services running on a host and auto-document potential exploitable vulnerabilities.
The majority of port scan are not attacks, but rather simple probes to determine services available on a remote machine or device. At this point, as purposed, then decided to attack or otherwise.

out-side in - in-side out - iDMZ
Security testing

Out-Side testing focusses on your WAN/Internet security and works to exploit any/all services and devices that can be found. In-Side Out is exactly the opposite. We begin from the In-Side of your network and discover potential exploits while working our way through to your WAN and Internet posture. 
Our  tests attempt identify exploits and vulnerabilities in your Network to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible. We identify which flaws pose a threat to the device, application or services.

iDMZ / firewall / ids / ips
end-point protectioN

As an alternative to endlessly trying to stay current and maintain your overall security posture, consider our Security Services offering.

CAPEX or OPEX - Optionally, No
large upfront purchases or licensing. Simply pay monthly to maintain your security layers, policies and keep current!

Completely Managed specializes and operates our Security Service platform based on Cisco & CheckPoint portfolios however we work with a magnitude of other solutions with various end-point protection solutions. 

Security Engineering Services

Real Time Detection and Prevention

Key Notification Options

Firewall & Endpoint Security

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In Side and Out Side Security Testing