LANAWARE Assessment, Access & Monitoring

It's simple - Better understand and maintain your Network!


When you require a deeper understanding of your Network, it's assets and security posture, if you require a single method to enable "Per Device" Secure Remote Access, should your have the need to Monitor the health of your Network 24/7/365 and should you need a single place to manage network documentation, LANAWARE Discoveries is the answer.

LANAWARE Discoveries is a Public or Private Cloud design consisting of physical Nodes that install within the physical Network while securely connecting to the LANAWARE Public or Private Cloud. Each physical Node physically and securely connects your Network to the Cloud enabling a plethora of features and functionality ....see below!

Automated Discovery and Map generation of Network Assets

Universal Remote Access
& Change Control

Auto generated Business Case / SoW or Proposal Manager 

Per Device - Ports & Services Security Posture Assessment

Cable and Rack Documentation Management

Network Device Monitoring & Alarm Notifications

Secure Multi-Tennant Dashboard

Multi-User & Access Levels

Monthly SaaS Model