LANAWARE  Virtualization Server

The LANAWARE™ - MVE - Managed Virtualization Engine is a small foot-print, modular, and Redundant 19” Rack-mount platform enabling the adoption of modern use of diverse OS, containers and virtualization.

The LANAWARE™ - MVE offers a flexible and reliable alternative to purchasing traditional larger expensive server platforms in favour of adequate or moderate performance needs and is a purposed micro-compute technology that is “just right” for the purpose of adopting Virtualization within the Manufacturing Plant Floor.  

The LANAWARE™ - MVE keeps things simple, standards based and provides a cost effective way to virtualize a purposed environment without the cost and size of many Data Center centric offerings.

The MVE allows for the optimization and virtualization of common Plant Automation software Loggers/HMI, Operator & Engineering Workstations; Historian, Wonderware, on-premis compute,
back-up, Storage and/or Cloud maintenance services.

The LANAWARE™ - MVE, with its independent, multi-compute module, redundant power and integrated UPS architecture provides for a central platform environment and allows users to retain the “one application per server“ architecture model while also allowing the easy adoption to run a virtual machine architecture cost effectively!

The LANAWARE™ - MVE offers a flexible and reliable alternative for all micro-computing requirements. It supports several network application based purposes including; management, monitoring, security, assessments, storage, virtualization, PBX capabilities and Video Applications. Depending on the applications required, the LANAWARE™ - MVE is configured with the appropriate compute modules to support the overall requirements. 

Affordable Virtualization Solution

Virtualize On-Prem or in the Cloud 

Build your own Power & Compute requirements 

Completely Managed as a Service

Complete Integrated Power & Battery Redundancy 

Supports: VMWare / Hyper-V / KVM and more

Virtualize Windows Desktops and Server, Linux and others 

Virtualize EWS/OWS/Historian, Thin Manager, Wonderware and more 

19" Rack but fits in small Wall Mount Cabinets