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LANAWARE Node Overview

The LANAWARE IIoT Network Assessment Node

The onsite appliance that provides the secure SSL VPN connection to the LANAWARE private or public cloud.  Key features include:

  • Simultaneously assess multiple networks in the plant with one LANAWARE Node
  • Use a single trunk port with multiple VLAN connectivity or connect 6 physical networks
  • Plug and play appliance with auto discovery for easy connection
  • Provides 24/7 monitoring of the network and devices with on-demand assessment
  • Encrypts collected data and readies for Cloud processing
  • Also available as node within the LANAWARE MVE Virtualization Server
  • Acts as a secure Customer JumpBox to enable access to network devices
  • Available on the Cisco Partner Marketplace authorized platform

LANAWARE™, Built with Security in Mind

Security is the number one concern when connecting to the cloud. Completely Managed built the LANAWARE services platform with security in mind.

  • Securely VPN connects to the LANAWARE cloud (egress VPN & client-side SSL)
  • SSL encrypted access with two stage (two factor) authentication
  • Diverse internet options – can be used in Public, Private Cloud or Mobile LTE hotspot
  • Backed up locally on-site or into the LANAWARE cloud platform
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