LANAWARE Virtualization Engine

Virtualization Server

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Virtualization Server Overview

Virtualize with the LANAWARE Virtualization Engine

Virtualize OS & Apps on your automation line or entire plant without the cost of building an expensive data center.

  • Easy and affordable
  • Flexible module elements – compute, storage, battery & power etc.
  • Complete power redundancy built-in, no separate UPS required
  • Complete server management and monitoring
  • On-premise or cloud managed back-up and restoration services
  • Firmware, OS management and updates
  • Virtualization and configuration management with leading OS’s

Used in Various Environments for Various Purposes Including:

  • Plant floor operational technology – OT, Industrial Manufacturing
  • Video, Surveillance, Wonderware, Web & Applications
  • Virtualize OT Automation Applications (EWS/OWS/Historian)
  • Remote Access / Remote Desktop
  • Thin Manager / Client (VDI)
  • Physical access and video surveillance platforms
  • Managed/Monitored services
  • Email and alarm notification services
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