OT Purposed Network Awareness Platform

CyberSecurity Compliancy Audits, Assessments, Monitoring, On-Off-Site Backups (DR), Asset & Patch Management

Healthy & Secure Networking

IT deals with modern measures of protecting infrastructure, User Devices and Information. Mostly maintained with modern approach to ZERO DAY patching and planned Maintenance Windows.

OT deals with aging yet sensitive SCADA/CIP transports with the responsibility to protect Operational Safety & Uptime.

Physical people safety surrounded by physical machines, powered by very sensitive latency protocols within Logical Processors and I/O.


Each incredibly important. Each incredibly different.

We certainly see & support efforts in converging the IT and OT approach, strategy and solutions.

This is a great approach in concept however, given design differences of how technology applies to each, the objective is easier said than done.

From Design, Maintenance through to CyberSecurity, each must be top of mind in IT & OT. Among OT difference with OEM Support, embedded device firmware to sensitive protocols and latencies, the traditional IT approach may need vetting against OT reliancies and sensitivities.

Completely Managed specializes in bridging the awareness, best practices and skills between IT and OT.

We are skilled within IT and OT/ICS Networking and CyberSecurity. In particular, as each respectively applies to each.

More importantly, as we respect the convergence efforts, we are here to help this happen properly. 

Completely Managed will work with your existing IT & Security Teams along with your OT Leads and Operators to enable and align strategies.

With LANAWARE, we are able to provide a distinct approach with focused and dilligent consideration to align the needs of  both IT and OT.

"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable, meaningful and productive."

Dieter Rams

Always On-Discovery

LANAWARE’s Always On Discovery will notify you of Device Changes or Additions

Visual Map Layouts

Overlay discovered and Monitored assets to your Plant / Line / Machine or custom Map or Model. Use your own custom images as the baseline visual reference. 

Real-time Security

LANAWARE is integrated with OT Purposed Cisco CyberVision. Together, we catch and secure your OT Network and it’s connected assets. 
Security is done in Layers. Combined with a proper iDMZ, LANAWARE and CyberVision, complete the layers.


Echo On-Off Site Backup

On and Off Site Secure DR & Backup of any/all connected OS and Application Data. Restoration Testing and Services attached.

 ICS purposed Monitoring

LANAWARE provides multi-site, centrally managed Network Monitoring features. Track Up/Down through to Health, Performance including OS and Applications Hooks

Cost effective Subscription

LANAWARE is sold as a Monthy Service with the option to use Completely Managed to provide pro-active Monitoring & Maintenance to keep your Network secure and Healthy.



Your ICS Network Visualized!

Completely Managed’ LANAWARE platform and services provide the 4 Key elements to maintaining your OT Network, in one platform.
- Discoveries
- Security Central - Cyber Security
- NMS Monitoring
- Echo - Backup & Restoration (On & Off-Site) 

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Auto Discovery

LANWARE Discoveries provides
in-depth discovery of Network connected Assets. This includes PLCs, HMI, OPC/UA IO, VMs, OS, Apps, Versions & Patch levels.

Other features include Device Configuration Management, Scripted & Tracked Change Management, Per Asset, Cable Management and Remote Access Features.

Cyber Security

LANWARE Security Central provides IEC/ISA Compliance Status through to Traffic studies & real-time Security Postures for each connected Asset.

Audits to Always On Defence

Complete Mitigation Services and on-going real-time Security Reporting & Protection.

On & Off-Site Backups

With LANAWARE Echo, using our Node or your connected storage, LANAWARE will Backup most any/all assets on your Network.

Need off Site backups? LANAWARE Echo will replicate Backups to our Private & Secure Data Centre and on Canadian Soil!

24/7 Monitoring

LANAWARE NMS will Monitor any asset that can be monitored. LANAWARE Node includes OPC/UA capabilities to go above and beyond traditional CPU/MEM/Storage/Temp.

Get I/O Stats & Performance!

Flexible Alarms/Notifications and Reporting sent via any medium that you want. 

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Security Audits, Network Discovery, Turn-Key Backups and 24/7 Monitoring

LANAWARE is your Network Hub!  

When you require a deeper understanding of your Network, it’s assets and security posture, if you require a single method to enable Entire Network or “Per Device” protection, maintenance & Backups,  should you have the need to Monitor the health of your Network * SCADA connected assets -24/7/365 and should you need a single place to manage it all with automated network documentation & reporting, LANAWARE is the answer.

LANAWARE is a Private Cloud design and Service, consisting of physical Nodes that install within the physical Network while securely connecting to the CM Owned DC, hosting LANAWARE. Each physical Node physically and securely connects your Network to our Private DC, enabling a plethora of features and functionality. 

LANAWARE Security Central
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Security Central

LANAWARE is designed to quickly and effectively passively learn the traffic and posture of Servers, Devices and other connected OPC enabled SCADA assets. Traffic patterns, from and to including advertised ports and services.

SecCentral verifies security postures and policies of networks including OS, Apps and  Services that are running on each host. We auto-discover and document potential exploitable vulnerabilities throughout the network.

End-Point Protection services assures that each device is further protected and conforms to it’s applied policies.

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Penetration Testing

Out-Side-In testing focuses on your Internet to WAN Firewall security and works to identify open Devices, Ports & Services that are Internet facing.

In-Side-Out is exactly the opposite. SecCentral scans from the In-Side of your network to discover potential exploitable Devices, Ports and Services, while working it's way through to the Firewall/WAN outbound interfaces.

Pen-Testing will identify Open holes  & Services exploits, along with NVE/CVT known vulnerabilities. Additionally, this process will identify whether unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible.

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Always On Security

As an alternative to endlessly trying to stay current and maintain your overall security posture, consider our Allways On Security Services offering.

CAPEX or OPEX – Optionally, No large upfront purchases or licensing. Simply pay monthly to maintain your security layers, policies and stay current!

Completely Managed specializes and operates our Security Service platform based on LANAWARE with integration to Cisco CyberVision, however we work with a magnitude of other solutions including FortiNet and Checkpoint. Each with OT purposed end-point protection solutions.

LANAWARE NMS - Health Monitoring
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From basic Heart Beat (Up/Down), SNMP through to OPC/UA SCADA Status, we Monitor the Assets, the OS's and the Application Services.

Monitoring everything from Core Network devices, Edge Network devices and Network Applications, PLCs’, HMI and even OPC/UA enabled I/O.

LANAWARE is our Eyes on all Health status of Hardware, Operating Systems and Software.  We offer 24/7 Service options that meet the needs of a non-stop manufacturing facility!

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Visualize your Plant

With LANAWARE NMS, you can visualize your Network and Monitoring Services to reflect reality.  Easily overlay discovered devices to your maps, floor plans or Machine layouts.

Easily change views from entire Network to isolated VLAN Subnets to keep visual and keep it simple.

As issues may arise, you can actually visually see where a device is located & what's going on!


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Purdue Model Monitoring

We design OT Networks based on the Industry standard Purdue model. Why not continue to Monitor and Manage your Network within the same model?

LANAWARE NMS allows you to do exactly this and with ultimate flexibility in Alarming, Notifications and Automated Reporting,

LANAWARE Echo - Backup & Restoration (DR) Services
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Backup As a Service

Due to Privacy policies, the biggest challenges faced by many OT customers, is using big Cloud Services, mainly due to privacy concerns.

LANAWARE Echo is our brand to provide Backup as a Service (BaaS) and managed.
Storage Options include using our LANAWARE Node or any purposed Storage device.

By default, your Data remains on-site however, LANWARE Echo can Securely Replicate your Backups to our Private Data Centre. Data is stored in our private and secure, redundant storage.

Our off-site repository is off-site to you but on-site for us, as our Data Centre is located directly within our facility and not public cloud. 

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Echo Backup Details

LANAWARE Echo allows us to create a private-cloud within your organization. This means backed up files remain within your network mitigating privacy concerns that usually arise from outsourcing backed up data to online providers. If you choose to use Echo Replication, rest assured that our DC is owned and private to Completely Managed. We are in control of how to segment, secure and protect your off-site backups. 
Backups are always secure and done with SSL/HTTPS with private Certs, Strong AES Encryption and embeds Ransomware Prevention.  Of course, it is WAN/Internet  Friendly.

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Restoration Testing

Restoration efforts are part of the overall Downtime and a Backup is NOT a Backup unless it is tested to properly Restore and Operate! 

While unfortunate, many organizations may do backups, rarely do we see proper (if any) Restoration testing performed.

Our Backup Services offers the option to include Monthly & Quarterly Restoration testing. Beyond the Nightly Backup Status notifications, we will send you a custom report that details our testing and findings, including Restoration timing. 

Consider Completely Managed to provide Turn-Key Backup & Restoration Services for your operations. 

Industrialized Solutions

Engage Us

We provide flexible engagement options to cater to your varying needs

wired & wireless Engineering

Engineer for a day / week
Network Design
Security Design
OT to IT connectivity & Integrations
Firmware / OS Patching / App Installs

cyber security 
& Network Asset audits

Engineers combined with our LANAWARE suite of tools, we setup on-site, perform physical audits followed by in-depth Passive & Active testing measures. 

When complete, we generate a detailed report complete with current posture, mitigation recommendations and best practices including ISA / IEC / ISO & NiST adherance and compliancies.

Fixed Scope

Project based engagements to address a fixed documented scope including:

Procurement of Hardware
Servers / Network equipment
Security deployment
Network Tuning and connectivity 
Wireless Design & Deployments
OS & APP installations and hardening. 

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