Decrease Unscheduled Outages by Monitoring your Industrial Network

ICS Network
Monitoring & Management

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Monitoring and Managing Overview

No Radical Network Redesign Required
Work with Completely Managed to integrate seamlessly into your existing environment and enable alarm relay to your designated devices off-plant.

Leverage Existing Systems
Completely Managed can work with your existing plant HMI, SCADA or DCS system for both on-premise and cloud based Alarm relay services.

Complete Alarm Relay Platform Options
Leverage existing paging systems, phone infrastructure, mobile devices and tablet computers to receive, acknowledge and respond to alarms.

Enable alarm notifications beyond the plant floor.

Partner Opportunities

Continue engagement with your customer
By offering monitored services your organization is continuously engaged with the customer by providing status reports of the network. Enable proactive notification and be the first engaged on future upsell opportunities.

Built to work with your brand
Completely Managed is engineered to power your brand. Portal access, documentation, and call-answer services reflect your name to enable you to maintain the whole customer engagement.
Explore broader revenue opportunities
All moves, adds, and changes (MAC’s) are directed to your service and support team, enabling you to see more than just the revenue from the monitored service, but also all maintenance work activity.

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