Set-up in minutes and tear down in seconds 

Air Model Fits into the overhead storage compartment of most commercial aircraft

Ideal for diverse field deployment needs

EMS, Public Safety, Disaster Relief, Mobile health

Form-factors designed for robust end-point requirements

Integrated universal Mounting, Smart Power System with UPS and Temp Sensor

Self contained, rugged and connected enclosures 

Ulta lite aluminium mount plates and drawers 

Wired / LTE / Tether or Wireless Hot Spot connectivity

Xperience our SmartKits 

Our Xperience SmartKit series will completely re-invent the way that you think about the use and deployment of Technology. Rethinking in terms of how and where you can enable endless use cases while not locked to traditional environments. 

At Completely Managed, we build, manage and maintain literally hundreds of SmartKits for diverse needs and purposes. No need for a Data Centre, Power protection or even traditional Internet. We manufacture the SmartKit around your needs while enclosing it within our best practices in housing, protecting and near instant ability to use the technology housed within each SmartKit. Regardless of purpose, customers will tell you "I open the Lid and my SmartKit just works!"

We manufacture several versions and layouts of our SmartKits however we work with you to design and build a model that works for your exact needs. Turn-Key - we will not only provide our SmartKit, we will procure, configure, document and maintain the technology and solutions that you want working within it!

IIoT / OT / Industrial Automation

Plant Floor / Line / Lab / Demo / PoC / Training

emergency response coms kit

Fits in aircraft overhead, communications center

teleworker cloud connected

complete communications - video/voice/security/wireless all-in-one

complete office it in a box

mass users - 2U rack - all-in-one complete portable dc

teleworker cloud connected

multiple users - voice/video/security/wireless
New York

complete office it in a box

supports mass users / communications / compute / applications

Build a portable Data Centre, Demonstrate your products and solutions, prove your business value to Customers and Partners, help position and market your offerings, all within a controlled portable and ruggedized environment. Our SmartKits are portable environments that are engineered using high quality ruggedized enclosures. Using custom light aluminium, customized mounts and 3D Printed brackets, we fabricate an environment that literally effortlessly unfolds and is ready for use in seconds. We accompany this with our own specially built Power & Battery sub-system that is integrated to an environmental temperature sensor that is programmed to pay special attention to the heat conditions within our SmartKits. If thresholds are exceeded, we continue to protect the contents accordingly. Have an LTE SIM or Mobile Phone HotSpot? Our Power Sub-system with integrated Router will use it! Your SmartKit can connect to the Internet in several ways including bonding or redundantly using distinct internet sources. These are just some of the reasons that we call it a SmartKit!

As an optional service, we will Monitor and Manage each SmartKit. From GPS/Location tracking to completely maintaining the Technology solution within. This way, you can stay focussed on what you need to do while we simply keep things working on your behalf.

For reference, just ask Cisco Canada and Cisco USA. Cisco is our largest customer and user of SmartKits with over 500 shipped around the world. We are very proud to say that every single kit that Cisco has purchased to date, shipped with our optional managed services attached. Another reference? ask GN Netcom's Jabra! Not only do they make the worlds best Headsets and Business audio tools, Jabra uses our SmartKits for several purposes including the technology behind their Trade Show Booth that pops up at most every major Tech event around the world! ..and again year after year, Jabra keeps their SmartKits Completely Managed.