Industrial Wireless Surveys

A wireless survey is an executive and corporate liability without the right software, technology, and certifications. CM has invested tens of thousands of dollars and is trusted by some of the largest vendors to do their wireless surveys for corporate industrial customers.

Wireless Surveying

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Wireless Surveying Overview

Discovery process and activity resulting in documentation that outlines:
  • Suggested AP location
  • Wireless coverage, devices currently deployed and identification
  • Signal strength, gain, interference, data rates, emitted signals
  • Roaming capability and quality of service
An industrialsite surveys is much more intensive than a traditional commercial wireless site survey:
  • Tenuous surroundings
  • Industrial requirements (i.e. safety)
  • Unique site nuances (Cranes, SGV, robotic arms)
  • Industrial equipment (i.e., PLC/CIP)
  • Complex access point placement
  • Co-channel interference –typically from too many AP’s deployed.
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