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Wireless (WiFi) Services

In an age where Wireless access is the primary method for users and devices to connect to the network, we understand just how important it is to properly design, deploy and manage this side of the network.  

Completely Managed is highly Certified and Skilled to deliver all forms of Wireless services.

We Design, Deploy & Manage Wireless solutions for all requirements including small to large coverage areas and access detailing In & Outdoor Recreational, Waterways using Point to Point & Multi-Point Solutions.

From Industrialized Wireless for Plant and Manufacturing through to Outdoor Recreational use within Marinas and RV/Campground facilities, we have the references to back up our experience!

You Can’t See it. Don’t guess!
Survey it!

 Without the right software, technology and Skills, deploying a wireless network can be a liability, let alone a waste of money. 

CM has invested tens of thousands of dollars and is trusted by some of the largest vendors to design and deliver wireless solutions for corporate, recreational and industrial customers.

With our diverse experience in deploying wireless networks, to assure the right solution, our survey options assess the exact needs  and determine the right approach.

If a budgetary number is all that is required, perhaps a predictive survey might be right for you. A predictive analysis is performed without any type of field measurements. We use RF planning software tools that combine average building elements with access point RF traits to predict wireless coverage.

Wireless already installed but you are not sure of the issue or coverage is not as it should be? A passive survey combined with a focused network assessment may suite your needs. A passive wireless network analysis uses tools to analyze the existing wireless environment, both inside and surrounding the intended coverage zone. The air is measured against signal strength, interference, devices deployed, and emitted signals.

New Wireless Deployment? If you have a brand new facility or grounds and are  looking to replace your legacy wireless network then an active APOS site survey will do the job. During an active wireless network analysis, the wireless access point anticipated to be used for the final network deployment, is attached to a long pole enabling the reach to meet the height at which the equipment is expected to be deployed. The AP is then associated to the WiFi Network to commence the packet exchange. This process allows gathering of very detailed information. Actual network traffic, throughput packet loss, and physical (PHY) rates are all captured.


Weak or lack of Wireless Coverage?
Do not add more APs!     Call us!

The objective is to provide the required coverage with THE MINIMAL amount of hardware. More Hardware means more failure points, more devices arguing for clients and making more overall “noise"
Of course, more hardware also means more costs including lifecycle costs.


A predictive survey relies on network tools designed to predict how wireless signals propagate through a space. 


Passive surveys collect information about all the signals in the environment after the site is built.


Active surveys focus on a specific signal or set of signals while the network is in full operation.



From traditional Offices through to Industrial Manufacturing Plant environments.


External Coverage, Recreational Parks, Campgrounds through to Marinas, our Wireless experience covers it all.

Long Range Point To Point

When you require Wireless Signals to extend many kilometres, we have designed Short & Long Range Wireless extensions across Buildings, Parks & Waterways.


APOS - AP On a Stick

Your Wireless Network Visualized!

Using both LANAWARE in combination with Certified Wireless Tools, we provide all types of Surveys including AP on a Stick (APoS) where use the method of pre-staging APs at deployment height utilizing a very long pole/extenstion to validate the design before deployment.

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Office, Industrial & Recreational Wireless  Solutions

Engage Us

We provide flexible engagement options to cater to your varying needs

 wired, wireless & Software Engineering

Engineer for a day / week
Network Design
Security Design
OT to IT connectivity & Integrations
Firmware / OS Patching / App Installs

cyber security 
& Network Asset audits

Engineers combined with our LANAWARE suite of tools, we setup on-site, perform physical audits followed by in-depth Passive & Active testing measures. 

When complete, we generate a detailed report complete with current posture, mitigation recommendations and best practices including ISA / IEC / ISO & NiST adherance and compliancies.

Fixed Scope

Project based engagements to address a fixed documented scope including:

Procurement of Hardware
Servers / Network equipment
Security deployment
Network Tuning and connectivity 
Wireless Design & Deployments
OS & APP installations and hardening. 

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