Completely Managed Inc.


Led with Engineering Vision

Rod Scotland, Founder & CEO

Serving nearly two decades as Cisco Canada's National Architectures & Strategy Lead, Rod strategically glued the Cisco San Jose (Ivory tower) initiatives to street level reality.

Rod brings a unique and deep understanding with leadership to the Completely Managed team. His global relationships and impeccable reputation have been his calling card and key to the growth of Completely Managed Inc.


In May 2014, Completely Managed Inc. started by addressing a global partner configuration and provisioning challenge for San Jose's very own, Cisco Systems.

Rod and team have put Completely Managed on the map with the inventions of the Cisco Config To Order Portal (CTOP), Cisco qForia, Visual Configurator and the wild success of the Industrialized Xperience SmartKits.

From simplifying configuration processes to providing hardened Network in a Box solution - putting Video, Voice and Networking solutions within a small rollable “Kit” form factor.


Rod, now Leading Completely Managed Inc. maintains a wider partner alliance to better serve it’s customer's needs. In doing so, Completely Managed has forged key relationships with most IT/OT industry leaders including various platform integrations to compliment and widen it’s in-house developed  LANAWARE Services Platform and overall Services capabilities.

“No, we don’t use external Cloud offers to provide our services. With our in-house Private Data Centre, our NoC and team of Certified Engineers and skilled Software Developers, we established a very referenceable, credible, secure and quality services driven, delivery engine.”  


Through innovative partnerships and alliances,  we have enable partners and customers with streamlined technical configuration processes, we arm partner’s with our vendor specific rugged Industrialized Xperience SmartKit portfolio. Further, we enable them with our LANAWARE Services Platform, while expanding their bench strength and skills with our certified engineers.  

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Our OT Evolution

LANAWARE @ the Core!

With wider sights, Rod and team set focus to innovate the process of automating the fundamental understanding and awareness of OT/ICS networks.

Making it easier to understand and visualize  design, security and overall performance.

In doing so, our Software team began the development of our LANAWARE OT purposed suite of solutions.

LANAWARE is designed to be the "Central Hub" for OT Network Operations.

LANAWARE integrates features to Audit, Assess, Cyber Secure, Backup and provide 24/7 Security & asset health Monitoring. LANAWARE certainly addresses IT needs however is built to address OT, ICS/IDC (SCADA) Networks and Assets. 

LANAWARE is SCADA aware and as such, offers embedded integrations to leading OPC/UA middleware commonly found within OT environments such as Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform. Others as well!

As a connected LANAWARE Service, our Network Engineers solve problems. From HMI/PLC and even I/O network performance issues through to connectivity including Wired & Wireless Network and Security weakness. Our specialty is in Compliance and offer continued audits to manage Cyber Security, Virtualization, Patch Management and Backup (DR)  Services.  

As we work with Operators of OT and IT leads, we realize that a convergence of OT & IT is well underway. Our purpose in bridging the approach and technology gaps while respecting the differences in solutions and IT/OT strategy.  This is our most valuable asset.

With a deep understanding of IT and OT, our focus, skills, software and solutions, address the real-time complexities of OT performance including sensitive SCADA devices and traffic.

Simply said, we bridge the best practices of both worlds with great respect.


Hosted and Secured behind our very own private Data Centre, LANAWARE fuels our 24/7 ICS / IDC and Plant Asset Network Monitoring offer.  Cyber Security, Asset Backup, Patching/Hardening and Management Services.

Out technology is surrounded by experienced and dedicated Engineering and Software Development resources. Collectively, we provide the following services to many of the world's leading manufacturing environments, across all key manufacturing industries.

  • Network Cyber Security Audit/Assessments through to thoroughly understanding your connected assets.

  • Cyber Security Audits and 24/7 Services to meet ISA/IEC compliancy and emerging standards.

  • Monitoring, Backup & DR Services for OS / Server Applications Patching, Backup and Restoration Services.

  • Ad-Hoc ICS Network Design & Deployment Services. 

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